Types Of Prefabricated Houses in Lebanon

If you are thinking of living in a prefabricated home, or having it as a second home, you should know that it is an ideal decision for the simplicity of its construction. Just imagine that your house will be made from standardized modules that will finally be assembled on your plot of land. As far as the main types of prefabricated houses are concerned, you have :

Concrete prefabricated house

The characteristics that best define this material are its strength, solidity and simplicity when combined. Its supporters appreciate the aesthetic result that it gives. They have a minimum maintenance and their thermal inertia translates into a guarantee of thermal comfort and bioclimatic. which allows a significant energy saving.



The prefabricated wooden houses with ecological certification are an ecological option, as a renewable material and provided that it is controlled by a sustainable production. As for its price, the system involves a considerable saving compared to traditional construction. In addition, contrary to what one might think, they have a great mechanical resistance and despite their lightness, it is a solid material that offers the same strength as brick. They are also much more durable than people tend to believe and, with proper treatment, they do not present a greater risk than a traditional house in case of fire. Its anti-seismic properties also support them.


Modular houses

Popular prefabricated houses have been forcefully assembled, for a time to this part. These modular constructions are centered on prefabricated modules that will be assembled in the plot of land previously chosen for this purpose. They have the same advantages as the first ones, but to which it is necessary to add an even faster construction thanks to the system used, 100% standardized, in which the necessary blocks are articulated in the factory, adding the necessary materials to obtain the desired acoustic and thermal insulation.



Prefabricated steel houses in Lebanon are also distinguished by their ecological design, because the architecture of the twenty-first century must be sustainable. In steel stand out its resistance and that which is easily transportable. Your work is very easy, so it gives a great aesthetic play and its quality remains intact for a long time. Precise finishes and good thermal and acoustic insulation define this stainless material where it exists.



Today, many designers are committed to building environmentally friendly prefabricated housing, based on recycled materials and certified ecological, equipped with energy saving systems and use of sun or rain. at affordable prices. Because a prefabricated house must not only be original and comfortable, but also durable.


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