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Prefabricated home
Prefabricated home

Advantages of prefabricated steel storage over concrete and wood

A prefabricated steel structure for warehouse buildings is typically composed of steel beams, steel columns, steel trusses and other components made of structural steel and steel plates. Each part is connected by welds, bolts or rivets. But why even choose prefabricated steel structure storage by Dalal Steel Lebanon as an option?
The primary function of the steel warehouse building is to store goods, so sufficient space is one of the features of the warehouse. The steel structure warehouse combines this feature. The warehouse with a steel structure has a large span and a larger area of use.

Steel structure buildings are light and lighter than other types of buildings with the same strength. In addition, large-scale warehouses need large spans, and steel structures are the most suitable for large-span buildings, such as factories, stadiums, etc. and also, the needs of warehouse building are more urgent.

Time is the most important advantage of steel structure warehouse building. The construction period is shorter, the construction is more convenient and the time and investment costs are greatly reduced. In addition, with the development of business or other factors, some steel structure warehouse will face the problem of address relocation.
Another advantage of steel structure highlighted is that due to its light weight, a relocation project will be more convenient and environmentally friendly and recyclable. In an era of high air pollution, once the steel structure warehouse is no longer needed, it can still be recycled without pollution.

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Design of steel structure prefabricated houses

The design of the steel structure warehouse must consider the load-bearing design that will enable it to resist rainwater, snow pressure, construction load and maintenance load. In addition, the design must meet the requirements of functional load capacity, material strength, thickness and method of force transmission, load carrying capacity, version cross sectional characteristics, etc.
The bearing capacity problems of the steel structure warehouse design should be well considered to reduce the damage capacity of the warehouse. It is also a construction method for the daily maintenance of the steel structure and extended service life.

Pay attention to the lighting design

A good lighting effect is conducive to energy saving. Otherwise, interior lighting is required all day and night, which will undoubtedly lead to increased energy consumption. It will be necessary to design and arrange lighting panels at specific locations on the metal roof or install lighting glass, using natural light where possible, and doing waterproofing work at the same time to maximize life.

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