37 m² Steel+Concrete house



Our product can be tailored according to each client’s choice. the design can be modern, classical or western.
The client’s options can vary from the design to the finishing material used.
The price changes due to all these facts according to the options and specifications requested by the client.
The location and the weather conditions of the area of construction will also affect the price.
We can Make the house of a mix between wood and cement board or use cement board with the wood texture instead of real wood.
The time for a house is around 3 months excluding the time required for the license if needed.
Number of bedrooms: 1
Kitchen and Living room: 1
Structure Type: concrete
House style: western
Number of bathrooms: 1
Number of floors: 1
Area of house: 69 m²
Available Sizes: Customizable

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Please note that the price change based on the material used.