98 m² Steel+Concrete



 A modern structure that can be used for more than on e function. It is ideal as a perfect vacation house in the rural areas for people who want to enjoy the mountain for few weeks and want a middle size house. It is also very well built as a chalet for people who want to enjoy more space to invite friends over to spend the day and for children to benefit from the extra room. Poeple can enjoy living in this house as well all year long as it provides the needed space for a family who are looking for something different and unique. The interior consists of two bedrooms, one huge living room with vast space where people can enjoy and relax comfortably.
Number of bedrooms: 2
Maids Room:No
Structure Type: Concrete
House style: Modern
Number of bathrooms: 2
Number of floors: 1
Area of house: 98 m² (area can be customised)

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